About us 
We are a group of professional and independent mountain guides. We are all titular of the French Brevet d'Etat d'Alpinism niveau 1 which entitle us to lead summer and winter trekking and snow-shoeing worldwide. As professionals guides we work all around the year for trekking agencies as well as for individuals.
Born and raised in coastal Provence the Calanques is where it all started for us and we're glad to share it with you!
This website enables us to live from our profession !

Hiking with a guide, but why ? 


The best routes
We live here and spend most of our time hiking in the different Provence ranges. We know the place and we have selected the best itineraries. We know where to find warmth or shadow, the easy and hard paths and every possible variation so we can take you discover the most beautiful places in a minimum time !


Understanding the Landscape
How's that tree called ? Really ? You can eat this flower ? That's our job to know about the natural environment and historic heritage of the places we take you to. We'll initiate you into the mysteries of the Provencial landscapes, into smelling, tasting and identifying the flora. We'll tell you about geology, human history, insects, birds... basically all you could be curious about !


We try to share the spirit of the place, tell you the stories that made this place what it is now and all the secrets one only hears through word of mouth.


Get everything done for you
Preparing a hike when you don't know the place can be quite time consuming. We're here so you can make the most of your time in the Calanques without any trouble.
You'll see how many people get lost there and ask us for their way. Some manage with a map but they stay on the main paths... That's not what we want for a hike!


We take care of your security.

We'll take you to the best places.

You can ask any question, we'll try to answer.

We work in a responsible way and minimise our impact on the ecosystems


We are Moutain Guides because we love sharing our passion for the places we work in!