Spring 2018
Spring again! It was kind of hot this year and we all appreciated the swiming in the Calanques blue waters. Some great walks, day, weekend and weeks with people from all around the world!
Climbing up an abandoned trail over En Vau

Port Miou, the only Calanque of Cassis
The Calanque d'En Vau from the top.
Hiking yes ! The charms of a short nap for our spanish team on the beach of la Ciotat

Winter 2018
Calanque de la crine on the Frioul Islands

Nice view from the summit of Marseilleveyre

Sormiou from the top

Strange rock erosion on the blue coast. Can guess what it was?

Summer en autumn 2017
Some really nice hikes these last monthes and in good compagny ! Many thanks to all the hikers who placed their trust in us !

The brĂȘche de Castelviel above En Vau

The Calanques seen from the Soubeyrannes cliffs

Lost in the weird rocks of the Cap canaille
CĂ©dric whistling in the morning sun on his way to En Vau

Spring 2017
Spring is a great time to hike in the Calanques. The sun is not too hot yet and the flowering is at its maximum. How not to enjoy that...
A good rest somewhere in the remote Devenson
On the Soubeyrannes Cliffs

Les Aiguilles Guillemins

Near the Mont Puget